why worship

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is worship and why do people do it?

Worship in Greek is proskuneo meaning: ‘to fall down before’ or ‘participate in’ and people seem to we worship whatever rules our time energy, thoughts, longing s and choices.

What sorts of things to people worship?    

People worship shopping and the malls and shopping centers are the new temple of modern western culture. -     The Casino in Melbourne is also built like a temple with the golden calf equivalent at one end in the form of a pillar of gold coins and the stairway to heaven at the other end. -     We also know that Melbournians worship at the MCG and that a sporting code can rule the hearts of many.

The 3rd temptation devil puts before Jesus is to take him up a high mountain showing him all the kingdoms of the world and offering to him all this splendour and power if he will only fall down before the devil and worship him. Jesus says – ‘you must worship the lord your God and serve him alone.’ (Matthew 4: 8-10)

Worship God

God is Divine Mystery: source, loving energy and creative unfolding of life. Christian communities are called to worship God. Empowered by the Holy Spirit we participate in the life of God as the body of Christ.  

Christian worship

Worship can be both personal and communal. In Christian communities, worship comes as a collective movement in response to awareness of God revealed in Jesus Christ seeking relationship with us. To worship God is an attitude of the human spirit’s orientation toward unity with God.  

How do we worship?

Worship has two parts: ‘Spirit and truth’ (John 4: 23-24). -     The Holy Spirit energises us in worship. A desire for truth calls us into worship. In worship we respond to God’s truth calling us as individuals and community to become our true selves. If spirit and truth are the primary measures of faithful worship – then what should worship look like?

Structure and form are not really the primary issue – worship is what happens in the hearts of the worshipers. Worship depends far more on our attitude as we come than on what happens when we get here. There is a spectrum of different worship traditions all of which have been good expressions of worship down the ages: charismatic, formal, quaker, liturgical, orthodox, every week the same, every week different, band, organ, drumming. Locations and setting also vary: cathedrals in pews on the floor, caves, halls on chairs in a circle, out doors on the beach or in a park, on boats, in helicopters. An important question: is there space in this worship for both attending to Spirit and engaging with and exploring truth. There need to be times for quiet spiritual practice and engagement with ideas.The worship leader's role is therefore to hold the space for the people of God to worship in Spirit and truth.

Worship at Habitat Uniting Church

Seeks to create space for individuals and community to engage in the life of the Spirit, search for meaning, grow in truth and respond through lives grounded in God’s love.

What helps you worship?      


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