Women and Men in Partnership

Sunday, August 01, 2021

Women have an enormous influence on my life. Mother and her music; wife and her SJ clarity; daughter and her self-direction. OT scholars: Phyllis Trible 88, E Fiorenza 83 Cheryl Exum 75. The congregation has ‘mothers’ – Mgt Ray 1933-2017 Alex Sangster 

We value Hebrew dreamtime Genesis 1-3 says Women and Men are both made like God. How?We can all “create” by shaping, like a potter works clay. From “chaos and darkness” we too can bring order. We can shape ourselves, our church,. 

Like God we can “speak” and communicate powerfully to make a difference. Our words can shed light and convey transforming love and encourage someone, or Habitat, to find a new path.

Like God we can “be fruitful and multiply”, causing gifts within us to make a difference in our family, our congregation and other groups we belong to. For St Paul, being fruitful was firstly NOT doing outwardly productive things but developing inwardly, the spiritual fruit of good character. Spirituality is primarily not what we do but it is about how we are. 

Gen 3 has another window on being “like God”. After they ate the fruit God said: “They have become like us, knowing good and evil’. Both Woman and Man were no longer naïve. We have to eat the apple to enter this wisdom and be responsible agents in the world. With our moral knowledge we share divinity and we are accountable, especially for the partnership of women and men.

Would you like to encourage and empower girls and women? Start right in your own home, workplace, and community. Tell your partner, mother, daughter, sister, neighbour how you appreciate them. Send a card to thank a teacher/influencer who encouraged you years ago, or to a woman colleague in church or community bearing responsibilities. 

Phone to express solidarity with a woman you know is alone in caring for family members. Invite out for coffee or a walk some woman who is a new contact in your life. Together we can do “the work of God” communicating, shedding light, being creative and taking responsibility.


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